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Major Home Renovation

Elevate Your Living experience with Major Home Renovation in Toronto. Our expertise in design and structural engineering guides you through the intricacies of major renovations, preserving the essence of cherished memories while adapting to contemporary living standards.

Building a garden suite is a savvy and cost-effective strategy, providing versatility for homeowners to shape additional space according to their preferences and needs. Explore the possibilities with MBC Homes and unlock the potential of your property with our expert garden suite and laneway suite building services.

Custom Home and Addition

Toronto is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. However, as fun, as it is to live in the city, the houses can be quite small. Noticing this issue, MBC Homes put together the best project managers and contractors in the country to help you expand your Toronto home through customization and additions.

Who doesn’t want to give their aging home a complete makeover? But, thinking about the costs and hassle of remodeling a home, many people feel confused about whether they should commit to this decision. Well, we are here to talk about why you should think about remodeling your home and how we can help you do that.

Have your family outgrown your current Toronto home and moving out is not an option? One of the best decisions that you can make is to spruce your basement by remodeling. A basement remodeling will add more livable space to your home and also improve the overall home value. 

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kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is an integral part of your home where the magic of preparing delicious meals for your family and guests happens. Most homeowners, spend more time in their kitchen compared to other parts of their homes. Therefore, it’s very important to make your kitchen comfortable, functional, contemporary, and welcoming. At MBC Homes Company, we are a reputable brand when it comes to kitchen remodeling services in Toronto.

Bathroom Renovation

A bathroom is one of the rooms in your Toronto home that is highly frequented by both your family members and guests. Therefore, it should be kept sparklingly clean and in the highest standards possible to motivate everyone refreshing to enjoy spending some quality time there. If your bathroom is not fully functional or does not meet your taste and preference, hiring an experienced bathroom renovation contractor like MBC Homes Company is what you need.