At MBC Homes we make sure that our clients needs are being prioritized, for this particular reason we have a reputation that is built on years of trust. We have put together a list of how we manage every important project, we will guide you through it step-by-step so that you can feel reassured that your project is being handled with professionalism and expertise. 


Top-Rated Home Contractor in Toronto Additions, Renovations, and Finishes

MBC Homes Company deals with the general planning, coordination, and development of Extensions/Additions, Home RenovationsNew Kitchens, and Bathroom Renovations serving all areas in the City of Toronto.


Complete Care; The idea to Build and Completion

When we start your work, we stay on your dream. We need you to enjoy peace of mind realizing that the work will be done well within your timeline and budget. We offer numerous redesign and development services all over Toronto at the best rates, so you can enjoy the comfort of your home the way you deserve.



We will begin the project by getting some information about your vision of your home remodel. We’ll then pose inquiries around the timeline, budget, and more to start the planning process. During this time, you can expect that we should take estimations of your home, take photos of your current space, and make an underlying format of your vision. Next, our design specialist will talk about the design of your dream redesign. This is where you will get a quote. 


Design Process

In this view, our team of design experts will request that you provide unique pictures or images that meet the standard of your design taste, vision, and style for the space so that our team will commence the design process.  

Hence, our design professionals will start to plan ideas through drawings and build up a unique work schedule with a reasonable budget for the task. 


Presentation Session

With the MBC Homes presentation session, you and our architects will review the complete scope of work. If finishes have not yet been chosen under any condition, allowances will be assigned as needed. MBC Homes utilizes the latest virtual reality and 3D design technology during our presentation session.


Development drawings

Our unique development, design, and construction professionals will meet on-site to inspect your home and decide any apparent or fundamental issues that we can manage before renovation begins. Resolving these issues early enough in the process will save everybody time and, ideally, unforeseen expenses.


Selection and Planning

MBC Homes will plan a session with our designers during the planning stage. Then, our team will work intimately with you to choose all items and finishes for your Building Project. As a result, we guarantee we are completing the appropriate remodel concerning what you need.  


Construction Phase

MBC Homes Toronto finds many important ways to guarantee your construction project runs effectively and efficiently. In the first place, the Construction Manager will orchestrate a presentation meeting among you and the renovation team that has been assigned to work in your home. Then, project timelines with be discussed, and renovation planning will start. 


Working involvement in MBC Homes

All through the renovation phase, you can expect that the site should be cleaned every day. Our Construction Manager will perform site examinations consistently, and progressing customer meeting sessions will be held with our designer to keep you updated on your project.   


Customer inspection and satisfaction

One of the most beautiful days during the remodeling process is when your final check in your home. However, regardless of how excited you are and anxious to move once more into your home, you should take as much time as possible to check through every section and room in your home.   


Quality Home Construction

Our clients call us from garden Suite Build and home extensions to new forms when they need quality development work, straightforward terms, and the lovely craftsmanship they’ve seen distinctly in magazines. As a result, we are trusted by investors, insurance agents, single homeowners, and realtors to deliver quality work on time.


Service Areas

With over 16 years of industry experience, MBC Homes has delivered outstanding projects right from basic remodeling works to a full-house makeover with 100% customer satisfaction. These are our service areas that we serve in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Top-Rated Home Contractor in Toronto Additions, Renovations, and Finishes


MBC Homes Company deals with the general planning, coordination, and development of Home Renovations, Additions, New kitchens, and Bathroom Renovations serving all areas in the City of Toronto.