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From Plan to Reality: Ryan Rohin's Vision to Build a Garden Suite for Mom​

Build a Garden Suite

Ryan Rohin`s Dream: Build a Garden Suite for Mom!

In an insightful article published on Toronto life, Ryan Rohin shares the remarkable story of his commitment to family and innovative housing solutions to Build a Garden Suite

Ryan, standing proudly with his mom, wife, and two kids in front of their meticulously crafted wood-panelled garden suite, begins the narrative as an only child deeply rooted in familial responsibility. Having moved to Canada two decades ago from southern India, the bond with his single-parent mother, Shoba, became the compass guiding his decisions.

The family faced a pivotal moment in 2019 when Shoba, then 57, resided in a 1,100-square-foot condo, presenting logistical challenges for visits with the arrival of Ryan and Risa’s first son. The prospect of moving closer sparked discussions, but the exorbitant costs of comparable condos and concerns about Shoba’s future independence prompted a pause.

The dormant idea resurfaced in December 2021, coinciding with the anticipation of their second child. A consult with Lanescape, a renowned architecture firm specializing in laneway builds, revealed a potential solution through a zoning by-law for Build a Garden Suite awaiting city council approval. This marked the inception of a visionary project that would redefine their living space. 

Design Inspirations from MBC HOMES: Build a Garden Suite

As the approval materialized in 2022, Ryan embarked on a quest for inspiration, scouring examples of tiny homes and coach houses worldwide. The vision took shape – a 645-square-foot garden suite with a thoughtful layout encompassing one bedroom, a den, two bathrooms, an open living area, and a spacious outdoor kitchen.

The budget of build a Garden Suite was set at $400,000, with meticulous planning ensuring a harmonious blend of minimalism, natural elements, and functionality.

Collaborating with Lanscape’s architects and choosing MBC Homes as the professional Garden Suite builder, Ryan delved into the details, from a 16-foot-wide patio door overlooking the outdoor kitchen to the integration of Japanese and Scandinavian design elements within. The careful selection of fixtures, earthy materials, skylights, and smart-home features showcased an unwavering commitment to quality and future-proofing the space.

With the zoning permit secured in March 2023, shovels hit the ground in May, setting the stage for a transformative journey. Challenges emerged, from digging trenches to unexpected delays due to changes in personnel and unfulfilled orders. However, perseverance prevailed, and by the first week of October, the project reached fruition.

The grand reveal to Shoba, carefully kept away from the suite in the final weeks of construction, was a moment of awe and celebration. Her official move-in marked the beginning of a new chapter, with the garden suite seamlessly integrating into the family’s routines. The investment of $450,000, exceeding the initial budget, reflected a commitment to excellence and a belief that the project’s success surpassed monetary considerations.

Now, five months into this new chapter, Shoba’s enjoyment of her home and the transformed family dynamics highlight the profound impact of Ryan’s decision. The convenience of nightly visits and scheduled sleepovers emphasizes the success of the project beyond its functional aspects. Ryan’s narrative not only captures a unique personal journey but also provides valuable insights for those interested in similar ventures in Toronto’s dynamic housing landscape.


Build a Garden Suite with Modern Amenities

The article on Toronto life unfolds as more than a personal anecdote; it is a testament to the potential of garden suites as a transformative solution to housing challenges. Ryan’s meticulous planning, dedication to family, and the successful realization of the project make for a compelling narrative.

This innovative living space, born out of a desire to provide proximity to family without compromising on independence or comfort, serves as a beacon for those navigating the complex Toronto real estate landscape. As Ryan recounts the journey of building a garden suite, the narrative transcends a mere construction project and becomes an exploration of redefining urban living.

The integration of smart-home elements, the attention to detail in design, and the commitment to sustainability showcase how garden suites can align with modern living expectations. Ryan’s collaboration with MBC Homes, being their first garden suite project, underlines the pioneering spirit that such initiatives embody.

Overcoming Challenges in the Building a Garden Suite

The challenges faced during the construction process and their subsequent resolution provide valuable insights for those considering similar projects. From digging trenches to unexpected delays, the journey reflects the realities of navigating complex construction dynamics and the resilience required to overcome hurdles.

The positive impact on family dynamics, with Shoba’s nightly visits and scheduled sleepovers, exemplifies how a well-designed garden suite can foster stronger family bonds. The narrative serves not only as a personal account but also as a guide for individuals contemplating similar ventures in Toronto or other urban centers grappling with housing affordability and accessibility.

By exceeding the initial budget to prioritize high-quality materials and design elements, Ryan sends a powerful message about the value of investing in a home that goes beyond its monetary worth. The success of this garden suite project encourages a broader conversation about the role of innovative housing solutions in shaping the future of urban living.

Ryan Rohin’s journey, as shared in this article on Toronto life, is more than a story of building a garden suite; it is a story of reimagining possibilities, addressing family needs, and contributing to the ongoing discourse on urban housing innovation.