Have your family outgrown your current Toronto home and moving out is not an option? One of the best decisions that you can make is to spruce your basement by remodeling. A basement remodeling will add more livable space to your home and also improve the overall home value. MBC Homes offers excellent and customized basement remodeling services in the greater Toronto area. We have a team of very experienced professionals who will listen to your goals, design, and transform your shaggy basement into a sensational habitable space.

Why go for basement remodeling?

Renovating your basement is one of the cheapest methods of increasing your livable space since it does not require additional space for it to be actualized. Basement remodeling also guarantees homeowners one of the highest values for every square foot.

As a homeowner, you can transform your spacious basement into any type of space. There are many basement renovation ideas in Toronto that homeowners use to transform their basement area. The most common ones include; guest-bedrooms, living rooms, home theatre rooms, home office room, home gym, bar & wine cellar, laundry room, storage space, or basement apartments.

We sit down with Toronto homeowners to understand their renovation goals and budget. Our professional architectural interior designers will offer their advice design blueprint to help homeowners visualize the expected final design once the basement remodeling is completed. 

Common basement renovation services that we offer

Our basement remodeling experts are trained to successfully handle different basement renovation tasks because every client’s needs are different. Some of the remodeling services we offer include;

  1. Basement foundation repairs to address any structural issues such as cracks on the floor and walls
  2. Basement waterproofing and dehumidifying to ensure there are no leakages, high humidity, and bad smells
  3. Old HVAC system repair and installation of new systems
  4. Installation of a new basement flooring if the old one is in bad shape
  5. Replacing the old lighting system with new lighting fixtures
  6. Mold removal and other contaminants that can cause a health hazard
  7. Overall basement finishing including the repair and renovations of drywall
  8. Ceiling, electrical, and ductworks

Why work with us?

At MBC Homes, we are experts in home renovations with over 16 years of industry experience. We value our customers and that’s why quality basement remodeling craftsmanship and on-time project delivery have always been our mantra.

We have a transparent communication process as well as high standards in cost control and that’s why we are able to deliver our client’s home remodeling projects within the set budget. We provide our clients with all the professional and technical skills requirements for a seamless basement remodeling project delivery right from the consultation stage, architectural design, and the construction phase.

Basement remodeling is the surest and most cost-effective way of increasing livable space in your Toronto home. You are also assured of recouping your investments if you decide to sell your home in the future. Give us a call today for a free quote and we shall upgrade your dull basement into a modern, stylish, and charming livable space.